HITS Daily Double


Netcos Find Less Red Ink On Their Pocket Protectors
It's not the sort of thing to shoot the Nasdaq through the roof, but dot-com losses are down.

Download superstore EMusic reported revenues of $2.1 million (including its much-touted millionth download) in the third quarter (which ended 3/31), against a net loss of $22.5 million. For a little perspective, that's down from a loss of $33.9 million this time last year, but up from a $14.3 million loss last quarter. Shares in the company are down 0.19 to 2 7/32. Noted one executive, "We're thinking of buying some TV ads."

Digital-rights management entity InterTrust is down 4 at 25 7/8, thanks to news that the firm posted first-quarter revenues of $1.34 million (up 481% from last year) against net losses of $15.6 million (compared to 1Q net losses of $5.2 million in 1999). Last quarter's losses partly reflect a one-time expense, the $6.1 million acquisition of Infinite Ink Corp.

Are these companies looking at infinite red ink? Stay tuned.