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Creation Ends, Butler May Evolve

Following Label Demise, Ex-Suede Guitarist Considers New Career
Former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler is now without a label, and he might quit the music industry altogether.

Less than two months after the release of his second solo album, the critically acclaimed "Friends And Lovers," Creation Records—the label that signed him—folded.

According to a Creation spokesperson, Butler "wouldn’t need to try too hard" to get a new deal. However, Butler wasn’t as optimistic. "The idea of going in to a record company with tapes and stuff like that and saying ‘What do you think?’, and have some c--- say it is shit doesn't really appeal to me," said Butler, in an amusing accent. "But don't worry! I don't really want to do it to be honest. I'm going to become the greatest snooker player ever!"

Snooker is either that game the British play with the flat bats or a pie made from organ meat.