HITS Daily Double
After obsessing about The Lumineers since February, I’m finally meeting them on Thursday. They should be afraid. Very afraid…


After Working Through the Alphabet Soup, Our PoMo Princess Busts Out the Cool Sounds

DOWN BY THE WATER: On Tuesday, Clear Channel revealed how they hope to earn back the $15mil they spent on WFNX by launching The Harbor (which Bostonians will pronounce “The Hah-bah”), an Adult Hits station. In a quote given to FMQB, OM Dylan Sprague stated: “You can expect to hear 80s rock and pop hits, some 70s disco, 90s alternative and of course some great hair bands.” (I’m assuming that the lack of discernible punctuation is also courtesy of FMQB). Anybody within range of this column has a WFNX story to tell—the first artist I ever brought to the station was Joan Armatrading, and many, many visits to Lynn, MA, followed…Further tales of radio idiocy unfolded this week, as Randy Michaels acknowledged that dismantling WRXP and its 4-share under Leslie Fram’s guidance was not his finest moment, by trying to regain the WRXP calls and flip his news/talk folly back to Modern Rock. Like nobody in the market would notice it had ever gone away. Just like when Pamela Ewing found Bobby Ewing in the shower on Dallas, and realized it was all a bad dream. Except many, many talented people lost their jobs, and it is unlikely that whatever he tries to do now will ever have half of WRXP’s cume at its decimation. Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water. Come back here, man, gimme my daughter… In other radio news, Sean Demery, the format’s most talented gypsy, left X-96 for his next adventure (to be announced momentarily). Proving you can go home again, Todd (Nuke ’Em) Noker has returned to the station for nights, while longtime station jack-of-all-trades Corey O’Brien has been upped to APD. Although wagering is likely forbidden in Salt Lake City, I’m betting that Corey will be the next recipient of the keys to the executive washroom… Congrats to Rob Goldklang and Heather Luke on achieving their umpteenth #1 this week, this time for Linkin Park’s latest. While other labels stage “Occupy #1” rallies in protest, it is likely that Linkin Park will retain the top spot until Green Day’s latest “Oh Love” takes over. And by the time Green Day is ready to retire from #1, there will be a new Muse single in the ready. So basically, the rest of you need to convince your bosses that #2 is the new #1… A-one, an-a-two is Nick Petropoulos’ homage to Lawrence Welk, as he spirited Two Door Cinema Club’s “Sleep Alone” to Most Added status this week with 15 adds, with the new Mumford & Sons single also dropping momentarily (within days of my birthday). It’s BIG, I tell you, BIG! Kudos to Nick for a tremendous job setting up the TDCC!… Also out, and soon to be added by all, is the new single from The Heavy, “What Makes A Good Man?,” which offers some much-needed swagger to your playlist. Early adds include SiriusXM Alt Nation, WWCD, WROX, WZNE, WEQX and WKZQ, with many markets with International airports on deck… A big hail to Tyson at ILG on the tremendous job done so far on The Wombats’ “Jump Into the Fog,” including DC101 and KFRR this week. So far, the song has 10 big call-out stories, which means you NEED TO PAY ATTENTION. Thank you… Speaking of attention, this was THE BREAKTHRU WEEK FOR THE LUMINEERS’ “Ho Hey,” GUARANTEED TO PROPEL THEM INTO THE TOP 10 (the caps are my way of saying I TOLD YOU SO). New adds included WBRU, KMYZ and KXTE. It’s the #5 selling record on iTunes, and cumulative album sales now exceed 150,000. After obsessing about this band since February, I’m finally meeting them on Thursday. They should be afraid. Very afraid… Speaking of unwarranted fear, it befuddles me why any of you are afraid of The Darkness. I would add the record just for the title, “Everybody Have a Good Time.” Great idea! Sign me up! These guys come from the glam tradition of Queen, Thin Lizzy and T. Rex NOT hair bands (who can now be heard on The Harbor—tune in now). Did PPM take away your sense of humor along with your ratings?… KROX is quite keen on all of the cool records: Two Door, The Heavy, Tanlines, The Darkness, and now, Divine Fits, Britt Daniels’ new project with Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade/Handsome Furs) and Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks), whose “Would That Not Be Nice” was added this week. Now THIS is my idea of a supergroup!… I love, love, love the Passion Pit record, and it appears that the buying public agrees (currently #1 on iTunes). Here’s to a big sales week for them!… SONG TO HEAR: Delta Spirit “Tear It Up”… Turn the knife: [email protected].