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Music City

Warner Chappell Music has unveiled the Straight to the Heart project, a pioneering initiative aimed at simplifying the release of demos from publishers' catalogs.

This project promises to boost distribution and revenue for songwriters and streamline how demos are launched. It represents a collaborative effort between songwriters, publishers, the American Federation of Musicians, distributors and singers to bring each demo to the public.

The project's inaugural five-track EP, showcasing demos for hits by George Strait and Kenny Chesney, includes tracks like “Carrying Your Love With Me” (Jeff Stevens and Steve Bogard) and “It Just Comes Natural” (Marv Greenand Jim Collins).

WCM Nashville President/CEO Ben Vaughn said: “‘Straight to the Heart’ celebrates the creative journey behind each song but also opens up new opportunities for songwriters, publishers, and fans to enjoy the original demo versions of their favorite songs. We've collaborated with songwriters and partners to make these original versions available for the world to enjoy."

Seen above wearing their hearts on their sleeves are (l-r) Vaughn, Stevens, Green, Bogard, WCM’s Alexa Morris and Kayce Russell.

Photo credit: Courtesy of WCM