HITS Daily Double
BILLIE EILISH : Darkroom/Interscope star bows with her biggest week yet as acclaim piles up for HIT ME HARD AND SOFT and “LUNCH” makes a meal of radio.
LIVE NATION: DOJ files antitrust suit against event giant—with Ticketmaster the main event—as House Rapino pushes back. Is this an election-season PR concert?
TYLER ARNOLD & BEN ADELSON: We know you’re tired of “Mercury rising” jokes, but this crew’s roster is truly hot, with Post, Big Loud/Morgan, Noah, more. The fever is likely to continue.
ROB LIGHT: CAA hitter celebrates 25 years as head of music—and a 10 handicap. That’s a helluva swing.
ARIANA GRANDE: With a fresh hit single and Wicked mania already underway ahead of flick’s holiday drop, Republic diva is glad to have “Friends” like Brandon and Spanky.
FINNEAS: Billie’s collaborator bro in the spotlight as their work hits a dazzling new creative plateau. Is he about to get a little higher in the mix?
PULSE RECORDS: Co-founders Scott Cutler and Josh Abraham and prez Ashley Calhoun find their new label’s first “BABY” is a monster as Tommy Richman jumps to top of DSP charts. You never forget your first “MILLION.”
JEFF SHUMAN: Live Nation exec collecting kisses ahead of Shakira-led Besame Mucho fest at Dodger Stadium in December. We hear they almost called it the Shuman Be-In.
ZACH BRYAN: Warner country giant drops new song and teases freshly minted album GREAT AMERICAN BAR SCENE. For Aaron and Tom, it’s already happy hour.
THOMAS COESFELD: BMG topper mobilizes his new team, with North America hitter Jon Loba front and center. We had a joke here, but it’s funnier in the original German.