HITS Daily Double
REPUBLIC: The current mood at House Lipman is ebullient, as Monte and company celebrate booming marketshare thanks to Morgan, Tay, Weeknd, Drake, Metro, more. What, they couldn’t get the whole Top 10?
MORGAN WALLEN: Big Loud/ Mercury/Republic star just keeps crushing it. Morgan, Seth and teams have a good Thing going.
RCA: Edge, Fleck and company celebrate a SZA-ling 6 marketshare, which means an extra treat for Nipper.
ANDREA SWIFT: Tay’s ma was there for all the Eras. As superstar’s tour smashes records, she’s cheering the loudest.
MIRANDA LAMBERT: Country star surveys her options as a free agent. The offices of Marion Kraft and Jess Rosen are getting more traffic than a truck stop.
JIM ROPPO: Republic co-prez is the top juggler in the biz, as he makes himself available to advise and counsel label’s starry roster. How does he keep all those plates spinning?
LANA DEL REY: With new set and prime Lolla spot (alongside K-Dot, Billie, RHCP, Karol G et al), Interscope artist’s Tunnel could lead to riches.
LUKE COMBS: River House/Columbia Nashville star preps for another big chart bow. He may not have Morgan’s streams, but he’s definitely part of country’s new wave, Gettin’ Old or not.
KAROL G: Latin breakout is riding a definite hot streak as she maintains chart momentum, headlines Lollapalooza, creates heat waves. Her Mañana Será Bonito, and her today isn’t looking too bad either.
SHOU ZI CHEW: TikTok CEO’s appearance at Capitol Hill hearing is hottest topic for McCarthy’s congress since Hunter’s laptop. Will any substantive changes result, or is this just a political ByteDance?