HITS Daily Double
TAYLOR, ADELE AND BEYONCÉ: Speculation swirls around superstars who are nominated for top-tier Grammys. Who will appear? Who will present? Who will perform? Who will win? Amid all this diverting diva drama, producer-artist whisperer BEN WINSTON is working overtime to get them on camera for some star-studded moments. Don’t touch that dial.
ROB STRINGER: Sony Music boss liking those numbers as quarterly financials go boom and Harry, Bey, Adele contend for top Grammys. We’re just say-yen.
TIDAL: Jay-Z’s streamery partners with UMG as the Knight makes his opening move in match with DSPs. Pawn to d3.
REPUBLIC: House Lipman lands five in the Top 6 as TOMORROW X TOGETHER scores an Imperial bow and Monte’s wider net snags more treasure. Next up: a Big Loud noise from Morgan to get Mercury rising.
PETER PATERNO: Super-attorney is honored by Entertainment Law Initiative as Howard King and Laurie Soriano kleib naches. Cue up “We Are the Champions.”
JEN MALLORY: Widely admired Columbia exec upped to president. Ron’s issued her a presidential hoodie.
MORGAN WALLEN: Country disruptor has a whole new Thing, as forthcoming 36-song set proves he’s more Dangerous than ever. Seth and company are loaded for bear.
LIL YACHTY: Quality Control/Motown rapper off to a fascinating Start with trippy, prog-rocking new album, which has insiders buzzing. Who’d expect Yachty to sail into Topographic Oceans?
BAROLINE DIAZ: Great Day in the morning! Hot exec’s new label inks JV with Mosco’s Santa Anna—a canny move, per the industry Baro-meter.