HITS Daily Double
MAX LOUSADA: The biz wants to know what he’ll do now as the orchestra plays the overture for the WMG version of Robertetto.
SAM SMITH: Capitol star achieves “Unholy” reinvention as TikTok sends new hit to the stratosphere and Michelle high-fives Marella, who blows it out. Tower’s powering up.
RIHANNA: With Super Bowl on the calendar, brand-rich superstar rumored to be back in the studio as she huddles with Jay Brown, Roc Nation team to plan her return to musical relevance. The best de-Fenty is a good of-Fenty.
RON PERRY: Columbia boss inks Jeff Vaughn for JV label, Signaling A&R firepower to come—as Mike Caren tips his hat.
TAYLOR SWIFT: Queen of the Socials gets ready to rumble as she Styles a massive stadium tour for ’23 to follow hotly awaited album. Could this be her biggest year since 1989?
FRED DAVIS: Industry Raine-maker putting some clever new deals together. Is K-pop the new sauce in his master plan?
ORLANDO WHARTON: New Capitol Music Group EVP opening a new school of business as he and MJ prepare a Priority delivery—and she continues reshaping Tower culture.
OMAR APOLLO: “Evergreen” grows like crazy at DSPs as Bay-Schuck signing adds to Warner’s momentum at a fortuitous moment. Positively godlike.
STEVE RIFKIND: Rap-label trailblazer honored with tribute on BET Hip-Hop Awards. The ovation should be LOUD.
HARVEY MASON JR.: With Grammy season underway, Academy boss takes his bows for eliminating the Secret Committees he once claimed didn’t exist, as Music’s Biggest Night goes through the looking glass.