HITS Daily Double
REPUBLIC: Taylor dominates Q4 conversation with album, stadium tour and overall marketing mojo, while Drake/Savage remains huge. The Lipman holiday celebration is lit.
MOTOWN: With news that Ethiopia will step down, the biz is abuzz with what’s next for her and the storied label. Who’s keeping the motor running?
SZA: TDE/RCA star gets a big SNL look—is her new set coming soon? Given her social-media S.O.S. signals, we’d say so. Top, Punch, Edge, Fleck, et al. are SZA-ling with excitement.
BEATA MURPHY: KIIS PD is trimming the tree as Jingle Ball rocks this weekend in L.A.—and wise men Sykes and Poleman ride their sleigh into town.
METRO BOOMIN: 110-120k forecast for Republic producer/artist makes for a pretty big story in the Metro section. Could his business get even more Boomin?
THE ORCHARD: Big marketshare increases have boutique distribbery/ services company feeling magnifico, as strategy of Navin and team bears serious fruit. What seeds are they planting for ’23?
TIM HINSHAW: Amazon Music head of hip-hop/R&B earning huge kudos as he plays major role in DSP’s growth in biz and culture. We Echo that sentiment.
TRAVIS SCOTT: Chatter abounds regarding a new Epic album and tour in ’23, as David Stromberg puts a new plan on the board—and shows there’s plenty of juice in this Cactus, Jack. Who else is powering Team Travis?
HOLIDAY MUSIC: The streams are filled with eggnog as holiday standards rule—except for Drake, Tay, new acts like Lacy, JVKE and d4vd, and Sam Smith’s super-naughty “Unholy.” But Brenda Lee is coming on strong.
JACKING THE ALGO: Have certain labels been able to manipulate YouTube views, as analysts have charged for years? With new claims, there’s a bot—er, a lot to think about. Then again, all’s fair in love and chart-juking.