HITS Daily Double
ROB STRINGER: Sony Music boss starts his fiscal year with a bang following record earnings as Future, Bad Bunny roil the charts, Harry’s single flies ahead of album drop, Luke Combs tees up. Cue new album Rob’s House.
BAD BUNNY: Verano is blazing hot, as Rimas superstar rules DSPs and stadiums worldwide. Noah Assad says it’s good to be Bad.
KENDRICK LAMAR: Morale is high at Interscope as “Heart” pumps up fan excitement and stunning album drops. It’s been a Lang time coming.
STEVE COOPER: WMG boss savors strong Q1 earnings, with big revenue spike and growth in all sectors. Correction, shmection.
LADY GAGA: This megastar can do anything, as she proves on a daily basis—now she’s soaring with Top Gun: Maverick theme, sparking awards buzz. Interscope continues to Cruise at a dazzling altitude.
GREG MARELLA: As Sam Smith and 10k’s Leah Kate move at radio, Tower promo boss excels at both “Love” and “Hate.” Though more of the latter when Hensley calls.
DIDDY/ETHIOPIA: R&B/hip-hop visionary brings Love to Motown with new imprint, artist deal. Who could pass on Puff?
LYNN GONZALEZ: Formidable exec and change agent upped to EVP, Biz Affairs at Def Jam. She’s another of Balogun’s ballers.
CHRIS BLACKWELL: No, not that Chris Blackwell—Republic player promoted to EVP, A&R & Content Strategy. So stop asking if he has a rum hookup.
KEVIN WEATHERLY: Radio wizard returning to KROQ, much like MacArthur returning to the Philippines. Will he put a sock back on the station’s cock?