HITS Daily Double

We’re less than two months into 2024, but there seems to be a higher volume of music releases that are connecting with the audience more than ever. Time will tell if they become power re-currents or even golds, but the future feels bright!

One of these buzzing records is Beyoncé’s “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” (Parkwood). When the track debuted after her Super Bowl commercial, it definitely felt left of center. In speaking with PD’s that following Monday, many said they would not support it, but time (and metrics) have a way of changing opinions and optics. As is I write this, “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” is #1 on U.S Spotify and #2 Global. Thanks to James White and Columbia’s push, it debuts at #40 this week and gains 405 spins. It also charts at #30 at Top 40. Look for another 20 or so stations to come on board this week.

Davey Dee and Republic and hold Nicki Minaj’s “Everybody” f/Lil Uzi Vert at #1 for a second straight week. They also have Drake’s “You Broke My Heart” (OVO) moving Top 5 after a 350-spin gain and are aiming for the top spot in three weeks. The Weeknd’s “One of the Girls” f/JENNIE (XO) seems to have kicked into another gear and is up 345 spins, ending ends the week at #12. Minaj’s “FTCU” also continues to develop; it’s up 225 spins and moves to #13.

Epic’s Rick Sackheim and Dontay have 21 Savage’s “née-nah” f/Travis Scott & Metro Boomin securing 300 spins and coming in at #16. Doe Boy’s “Way Too Long” (Freebandz) is up 310 spins, landing at #30. Meanwhile, they debut Tyla’s “Truth or Dare” (FAX) at #37 after impacting just last week. She enjoys a 366-spin boost and will quickly enter the Top 25. They are also officially impacting 21 Savage’s “redrum,” which had plenty of early radio support and is already at #34, up 290 spins. This one has a solid buzz and could go the distance.

Nino Cuccinello and Interscope move JID’s “Surround Sound” f/21 Savage & Baby Tate (Dreamville) to #3. Up a whopping 575 spins, it will make a run for #1 this week. Nino also has a Kali Uchis record that he’s watching closely and may impact in the next few weeks.

At RCA, Lori G and Inca continue to drive Chris Brown’s “Sensational” f/Davido & Lojay into the Top 10. Up 350 spins, it remains at #9 this week. Justin Timberlake shows no signs of slowing down with “Selfish,” which climbs two spots to #17 after gaining 490 spins. Flo Milli’s “Never Lose Me” is buzzing and is up 400 spins, ending the week at #18. Sleepy Hallow’s “ANXIETY” enjoys another triple digit increase as it continues to build a larger profile.

Dixie Tipton and Capitol have Offset’s “WORTH IT” f/Don Toliver at #8, securing another increase of 285+ spins. The goal is to hit the Top 5. Meanwhile, Ice Spice’s “Think U the Shit (Fart)” (10K Projects) continues to impress. She picks up 425 more spins, putting her at #20.

And at Def Jam, Noah Sheer has a very reactive record with Muni Long’s “Made for Me” (Supergiant). Radio has quickly embraced this track, which is up nearly 500 spins and hits #24 this week; it will quickly be in the Top 20. Fridayy’s “When It Comes to You” ends the week at #38 as it looks for new believers.

Biggest Increase:
JID’s “Surround Sound” f/21 Savage & Baby Tate (Dreamville/Epic-Interscope)
Muni Long’s “Made for Me” (Supergiant/Def Jam)
Justin Timberlake’s “Selfish” (RCA)
Ice Spice’s “Think U the Shit (Fart)” (10K Projects/Capitol)
Flo Milli’s “Never Lose Me” (’94 Sounds/Capitol-RCA)

Buzz Records:
Beyoncé’s “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” (Parkwood/Columbia)
21 Savage’s “redrum” (Epic)
BossMan DLow’s “Get in With Me” (Alamo)
USHER’s “Ruin” w/Pheelz (mega/gamma.)
Doe Boy’s “Way Too Long” (Freebandz/Epic)