HITS Daily Double

Anyone notice how difficult it is these days to cross a Top 5 Rhythm/Urban/Hip-Hop track from Rhythm to Pop? A quick look at the Top 40 chart shows that if your name isn’t Drake, only a very small handful of these “hits” make it past the top 25. Our format sells iTunes, definitely Shazams, and certainly streams big numbers. So where is the disconnect?

I understand music is cyclical, but I always assumed Top 40 took the very best from multiple formats (Rhythm, Alternative, Modern A/C, etc.) Most of the crossover songs coming from Rhythm are night records at best for a vast majority of the Top 40s these days. There seems to be quite a void, and I can’t help but think labels are missing a big chunk of revenue and exposure from not pushing these records through, never mind breaking and exposing the format to a new artist.

One artist that has been able to bridge the gap is Republic’s The Weeknd. “Starboy” f/Daft Punk (XO) jumps #7-3 this week, stockpiling another 1,000-plus spins. Gary Spangler, Davey Dee and Stef Cole have made quick work of this track, and it is on track to be #1 next week. They also have Ariana Grande f/Nicki Minaj’s “Side to Side” at #20, which sees an increase of nearly 400 spins. Amine’s “Caroline” continues to grow and develop, as it moves to #29. It had its best week ever, up 275 spins. Post Malone f/Justin Bieber’s “Déjà vu” climbs #38-32, up 120 spins, while Hailee Steinfeld & Grey f/Zedd’s “Starving” is at #47. Belly’s “Ballerina” is at #62. Justine Skye f/Wizkid’s “U Don’t Know” is just starting out.

Epic’s Sujit Kundu has DJ Khaled ” f/Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown’s “Do You Mind” (We The Best) inside the Top 10, with his sights set on the Top 5. It saw a 320-spin increase this week. Young Thug & Travis Scott’s “Pick Up The Phone” (Grand Hustle) gains another 215 spins, good enough for #21 this week. Jidenna’s “Long Live The Chief” (Wondaland) scores an increase of 110 spins, and is at #77, while Zara Larsson’s “Ain’t My Fault” is at #86. Make sure you check out the Lil Yachty’s remix!

Def Jam’s Rick Sackheim, Noah Sheer and Scott Maness are on fire with Kanye West. “Father Stretch My Hands” (G.O.O.D.) moves to #8, up 260 spins, with “Fade” seeing a 350-spin jump and landing at #22. They debut Rihanna’s “Love On The Brain” (Westbury Road/Roc Nation) this week at #31. It gains 240 spins. Up next for the crew is 2 Chainz f/Drake’s “Big Amount.”

Columbia’s Ayelet Schiffman and James White tack on another 350 spins to The Chainsmokers f/Halsey’s “Closer” (Disruptor), which is at #4. Russ’ “What They Want” gains another 125 spins, good enough for the #18 slot. John Legend’s “Love Me Now” just misses the chart at #42, but had an amazing increase of over 350 spins. It is on the building chart at #35 already.

RCA’s Inca and Lori G have an amazing record with Rob $tone’s “Chill Bill.” It is up 210 spins this week, and climbs to #28. New stations continue to come on board, and this record will be top 25 next week. They also debut Afrojack f/Ty Dolla $ign’s “Gone” at #40. It grew by 80 spins. Usher f/Future’s “Rivals” increases by 150 spins, which puts him at #45 on this week’s chart.

Capitol’s Dixie Tipton has Lil Yachty’s “1 Night” (QC/Motown) climbs its way into the top 25, thanks to an increase of 100 spins. This is another record that continues to find new believers and has solid streaming numbers.


The Weeknd f/Daft Punk “Starboy” (XO/Republic)
Ariana Grande f/Nicki Minaj “Side To Side” (Republic)
John Legend “Love Me Know” (Columbia)
Kanye West
“Fade” (G.O.O.D./Def Jam)
The Chainsmokers f/Halsey “Closer” (Columbia)

“Love On The Brain” (Westbury Road/Roc Nation)
Jidenna “Long Live The Chief” (Wondaland/Epic)
Usher f/Future “Rivals” (RCA)
Rob $tone
“Chill Bill” (RCA)
Amine “Caroline” (Republic)