HITS Daily Double
New York City was buzzing this past week with radio and record people, all gathered to celebrate the Rhythm format and look back on the past year. I saw a lot of old friends, including Cindy Hill from Univision, Homie Marco from KBBT, Dan Hunt and Buster from WRDW, Cat Thomas at KLUC (and sorry about your Buckeyes), Hotboy at KOPW, E Man and Vir Man from Power 106, DJ Buck in Hartford, Shady from WNHT, Ricky at WRCL, among many, many others. It’s always a great time to get together, eat, drink and bond. On a different note, I am sad to see Jason Kidd is no longer at WPGC. Still, I grew up listening to the station, so I’m excited to see who comes in and what changes will be made. PGC is a heritage station in the D.C./Baltimore area… As the releases slow to a trickle, it becomes more about what records are researching and will ride out the holiday in a current rotation. And for the second week in a row, the Top 10 remains unchanged. Gary Spangler and Davey Dee at Republic have Sage The Gemini climbing to #5 this week, up 190 spins, and Drake’s “All Me” at #16 and still growing, as well as Drake’s “The Language,” which jumps #24-21 and up 200 spins. Rounding out their chart success is Tyga f/Justin Bieber’s “Wait for a Minute,” which is at #30, as well as SoMo “Ride,” the highest-debuting track this week at #32. It was up 300 spins and is quickly becoming a buzz record… IDJ has done a great job with Jay Z’s “Tom Ford.” It’s at #7 this week and still up over 150 spins. Rick Sackhiem, Noah Sheer, and Scott Maness also have YG f/Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan’s “My Hitta” streaking up the chart, vaulting #32-27 and up 150 spins. Iggy Azalea is also still developing, as it moves #38-37… RCA is showing no signs of letting the holidays slow them down, as Kid Ink f/Chris Brown’s “Show Me” moves #15-12, and Pitbull f/Ke$ha’s “Timber” climbs #18-14, up 343 spins. Strazza, Inca and Lori G also have T-Pain f/B.o.B’s “Up Down” moving #28-26, increasing 150 spins. And although it’s down in spins, make sure you check out Justin Timberlake f/ASAP Rocky, J Cole & Pusha T “TKO” remix… Congrats to Rachael Spangler and Dixie Tipton as they debut Future f/Miley Cyrus’ “Real and True” this week at #36. Next up on the chart for them is the Yo Gotti f/J. Cole and Canei Finch’s “Cold Blood,” which is looking to chart in the next few weeks… Ayelet Schiffman and James White continue to knock down walls with John Legend’s “All of Me.” This week, Dan Hunt at WRDW makes the commitment , as does KBFM. It’s at #45 this week, with sales still growing. They also impact Calvin Harris f/Ayah Marar’s “Thinking About You,” which already has major market stations like WPOW, KYLD, KZON, WRDW and WJHMLee L’Heureux still has Macklemore moving up, as it sits at #3 this week. Warner Bros. is looking to have more releases in the first few quarters this coming year, and if the music is as strong as it was this past one, we should be in for a treat.

Most Increased:
1) Kid Ink
f/Chris Brown “Show Me” Alumni/88classic/RCA
2) Pitbull f/Ke$ha “Timber” Mr. 305/RCA
3) SoMo “Ride” Republic
4) J. Cole “She Knows” Roc Nation/Columbia
5) Mack Wilds “Own It” LouderThanLife/RAL

The Pulse:
1) J. Cole
“She Knows” Roc Nation/Columbia
2) SoMo “Ride” Republic
3) John Legend “All Of Me” Columbia
4) YG f/Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan “My Hitta” CTE/Def Jam/IDJ
5) Mack Wilds “Own It” LouderThanLife/RAL