HITS Daily Double

Rarely in recent memory have we witnessed three records dominate the Rhythmic format's streaming charts with the fervor of Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us,” Tommy Richman’s “MILLION DOLLAR BABY” and Shaboozey’s “The Bar Song (Tipsy),” each amassing more than 35m streams in the past week alone. Shaboozey's track is a bit of an outlier as a handful of stations might feel it’s a bit too country or pop to add to their rotation. However, for those who can include it, its potential for success rivals that of Lamar and Richman. With these three powerhouse tracks leading the charge, we can confidently anticipate a robust start to the summer season.

At Epic, Sackheim and Dontay welcome Future & Metro Boomin’s “Like That” f/Kendrick Lamar (Boominati/Freebandz-Republic) to #1 this week. The track was up an impressive 800 spins and should hold at the top for at least another week. They are also impacting Tyla’s “Jump” this week, which is already inside the Top 50 and was a Most Added track this week.

As I previously mentioned, Dixie and ICLG have one of the hottest records at the format right now with Lamar’s “Not Like Us” (pgLang/Interscope), which debuts at #25 after an increase of more than 1000 spins. The streams on this one are simply massive. The track also hit #1 at both Spotify Global and U.S. and is currently #2 on Shazam’s Top 200 U.S. chart. Meanwhile, GloRilla’s “Yeah Glo!” (CMG/Interscope) climbs a spot to #17; she is up 225 spins and the push to the Top 10 is on. J. Cole’s “H.Y.B.” f/Bas & Central Cee (Interscope) moves up seven spots to #29, adding 300 spins to its total. Dixie is also impacting Ice Spice’s “Gimmie a Light” (10K Projects/CMG) this week, which samples Sean Paul so there’s a familiarity there.

Lori G and RCA continue to build Bryson Tiller’s “Whatever She Wants” (Trapsoul), which gains 370 spins this week and moves up to #12. Doja Cat’s “OKLOSER” (Kemosabe) secures 325 more spins, landing her at #18 this week.

B Dot and Warner see Teddy Swims’ “Lose Control” gain another triple digit increase as it holds at #15; it’s currently Top 5 on Shazam U.S. and Top 20 Spotify Global. They’ve also got a new Saweetie track coming very soon.

Angelo Scrobe and the Pulse/Concord team see Tommy Richman’s “MILLION DOLLAR BABY” (ISO Supremacy) debut at #28 this week. The red-hot track gains 760 spins and it’s really just getting started.

Over at Arista, Nick P continues to build Skylar Blatt’s “Wake Up” f/Chris Brown (Saint Ka$h). The track is up 400 spins and vaults nine positions this week to #31.

And at Columbia, James White continues to grow Beyoncé’s “II MOST WANTED” f/Miley Cyrus (Parkwood), which moves to #32 after an increase of 90 spins. They’ve also got Jessie Murph’s “Wild Ones” f/Jelly Roll ending the week at #35.

Biggest Increase:
Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” (pgLang/Interscope/ICLG)
Future & Metro Boomin f/Kendrick Lamar’s “Like That” (Boominati/Freebandz/Republic-Epic)
Tommy Richman’s “MILLION DOLLAR BABY” (Pulse/ISO/Concord)
Skylar Blatt’s “Wake Up” f/ Chris Brown (Saint Ka$h/Arista)
Bryson Tiller’s “Whatever She Wants” (Trapsoul/RCA)

Buzz Records:
Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” (pgLang/Interscope/ICLG)
Ice Spice’s “Gimmie a Light” (10K Projects/Capitol/ICLG)
Tyla’s “Jump” (FAX/Epic)
Lay Bankz’s “Tell Ur Girlfriend” (Artist Partner Group)
Kendrick Lamar’s “Euphoria” (pgLang/Interscope/ICLG)


Epic’s Sack and Dontay hold down the #1 spot for a second week with Future & Metro Boomin’s "Like That" f/Kendrick Lamar (Boominati/Freebandz/Republic). Lori G and RCA move Bryson Tiller’s "Whatever She Wants" (Trapsoul) inside the Top 10. Dixie and ICLG take GloRilla’s "Yeah Glo!" (CMG/Interscope) to the Top 15 and see Lamar’s "Not Like Us" (pgLang/Interscope) join the Top 20. Angelo Scrobe and the Pulse/Concord team continue to drive Tommy Richman’s "MILLION DOLLAR BABY" (ISO Supremacy) up the chart, landing at #21. Epic’s Tyla makes her chart debut with "Jump" (FAX) as ICLG just misses the chart with Ice Spice’s "Gimmie a Light” (10K Projects/CMG) this week.


Epic’s Sackheim and Dontay pull in 37 stations on Tyla’s "Jump" (FAX), topping this week’s Most Added column. ICLG’s Dixie, along with 10K Projects and Capitol, see 27 adds come in on Ice Spice’s "Gimmie a Light.” ICLG also closes out another 12 hold outs on Kendrick Lamar’s "Not Like Us" (pgLang/Interscope). Angelo Scrobe and the Pulse/Concord team see 10 new believers come in on Tommy Richman’s "MILLION DOLLAR BABY" (ISO Supremacy). And Arista’s Nick P closes out nine adds on Skylar Blatt’s "Wake Up" f/Chris Brown (Saint Ka$h).


Epic’s Sackheim and Dontay reach #1 with Future & Metro Boomin's "Like That" w/Kendrick Lamar (Boominati/Freebandz/Republic). Lori G and RCA have Bryson Tiller’s "Whatever She Wants" (Trapsoul) making a hard push for the Top 10. Dixie and the ICLG team will storm the chart with Lamar’s "Not Like Us" (pgLang/Interscope), which will immediately be inside the Top 30. ICLG also has J. Cole’s "H.Y.B." f/Bas & Central Cee climbing more than 10 spots and joining the Top 30. Nick P and Arista continue to build Skylar Blatt’s "Wake Up” f/Chris Brown, while Angelo Scrobe and the Pulse/Concord crew have a hot record with Tommy Richman "MILLION DOLLAR BABY" (ISO Supremacy), which will debut in the mid 30s.