HITS Daily Double

Primary Wave
is launching Cure 8—a new, digital-only label with a focus on releasing cover song compilations. The first project, apparently titled discovered, Vol.1, is due this Friday. The premier set's lead single is a Parachute cover of Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey’s “The Middle.” A full tracklisting can be seen below. You'll note CeeLo's covering "Africa," which seems to be a new thing. For a take on Toto you definitely don't want to hear, come by the HITS offices on karaoke night.

As for the structure of Cure 8, it's a partnership wherein the label and the artist have a 50/50 share when it comes to the ownership of the master. Leading up to and after release, the label provides marketing, press, DSP delivery, playlist pitching and related content creation. They also handle all clearances, accounting and mechanical royalty payments.