HITS Daily Double

At Glassnote's Grammy gathering, host and label chief Daniel Glass welcomes a passel of potentates, all of whom agreed that the figure-skating competition was sorely lacking in swizzles. Seen sticking the landing are (l-r) CAA's Rob Light, Gary Greengrass, Amazon's Steve Boom, LionTree LLC's Aryeh Bourkouff and Glass.

"I really like your ascot," says UMG EVP Michele Anthony. "It's a cravat," replied Glassnote boss and MC Daniel Glass. "I'm pretty sure it's an ascot," said Anthony. "I'm quite certain it's a cravat," countered Glass. This continued for several hours.

Daniel and Sean Glass ask Apple Music's Steve Savoca what Siri is really like.

Team Glassnote brainstorms a set of flash cards to assist Neil Portnow in his next interview. Seen stepping up in a big way are (l-r) David Jacob, Laura Margolin, Liz Goodwin, Chris Scully, Daniel Glass, Louise Ahmann, Nick Petropoulos, Jenna Levi, Grace Fryman, Lauren Papapietro, Jenna Rubenstein, Dylan Lewis, Ryan Feeney and Jenny Kaufman.