HITS Daily Double

This week’s aggregation of trending topics leads with—what else?—#MeToo, with the embattled Neil Portnow pulling up the rear, and the half-dozen top female execs calling him to task, whom we’ve dubbed “The Six,” emphatically present as well.

Amid what feels very much like a sea change, the world continues to spin on its axis, and there are still 10 records in the Top 10, as Editor in Chief Lenny Beer never tires of saying. Exemplifying this notion are top earner Drake, current chart-topper Justin Timberlake, previous #1 Migos (represented here by handlers Coach K and Pee) and Modern Rock dominatrix Alice Merton. Coming on like gangbusters, meanwhile, are Carrie Underwood, whose new anthem has been chosen by NBC as the anthem of the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics, and the Black Panther soundtrack, exec-produced by the formidable duo of Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg.

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