HITS Daily Double

The Def Jam team took over L.A.'s iconic Village Studios last night for a special, intimate event to showcase new artist Arlissa. They were even able to convince HITS' Samantha Hissong to cross the 405 on a Wednesday, a fact she'll probably never let them forget.

The London-bred songstress, who received a standing ovation a day prior at iHeart's Pop Summit, recently released a remix of her "Hearts Ain't Gonna Lie" with Jonas Blue, and the song's now approaching 6m streams at Spotify. The official vid for that can be seen here. Make sure you keep an eye on this star-in-the-making; her mellifluous (and mighty) vocals, charisma, authenticity and clear appreciation for classic songwriting make her a serious contender for greatness.

Seen surrounding Arlissa, before asking Siri to define "mellifluous," are the label's Bruce Carbone, Noah Sheer, Dylan Brewer, Sonny D, Daisy Moreira, Mundo Garcia, Keith Rothschild and HITS' Hissong (front).