HITS Daily Double

As we noted earlier, Lil Pump, whose Tha Lights Global/Warner Bros. single “Gucci Gang” is a streaming monster, is a free agent, and everyone is after him. It's believed that Pump's team is looking for $8m per album, with most suitors putting that value of a deal at $3-4m per.

The artist’s WBR deal was inked while he was still a minor and was not ratified. John Branca is now handling deal offers from multiple majors for Lil Pump, in tandem with Tha Lights Global’s attorney,Todd Rubenstein. Insiders are asking: Why was his deal not ratified?

The rapper first truly pinged the industry's radar in the spring of 2017 after an impressive run on SoundCloud; he inked with WBR in June. Since then, his total album activity has reached 360k, with 340k of that coming from streaming. "Gucci Gang" remains Top 30 at Spotify and Apple Music.

A rep from Warner Bros. declined to comment on the story. Stay tuned.