HITS Daily Double

At a Spotify panel in Nashville, a group of business luminaries pondered the nature of the Grammy Secret Committee. "I hear they wear red satin robes," said Spotify's John Marks. "I hear they only meet under the full moon and use jewel-encrusted daggers to cut names from the list," ventured CMT's Leslie Fram. "I hear they sacrifice a goat before deciding on the nominations," noted Big Loud's Seth England. "Don't be silly, you guys," chuckled Spotify's Troy Carter. "All they do is meet in an underground bunker and control the world's governments." Seen just before swearing never to speak of this again are (back, l-r) Creative Nation's Beth Laird, Thirty Tigers' David Macias, Marks and England and (front, l-r) UMG Nashville prez Cindy Mabe, Fram and Carter.