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Def Jam's incoming chief, Paul Rosenberg, has tapped Noah Callahan-Bever as EVP of Brand Strategy & Content.

In his 11 years at Complex, where he served as Editor in Chief and Chief Content Officer, Callahan-Bever helped shape the pop-cultural conversation, most notably around hip-hop. In his new post he'll work with Rosenberg and team to develop the label's brand via strategic pacts and content.

Rosenberg, who's worked with him for almost 20 years, praised Callahan-Bever's "incredible ability to create, innovate and connect with audiences," underscoring the role he would play in helping "reimagine the label’s platform, further develop the brand and realize our plan to connect with fans in previously unimagined ways.”

"Growing up, I knew that I could, with steadfast confidence, buy any record with the Def Jam logo on it," said Callahan-Bever, who added that he relished the chance to help Rosenberg and company "redefine and reassert that superlative brand identity for a new generation of listeners."

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