HITS Daily Double

Andrew W.K. has revealed the title of his forthcoming LP, You're Not Alone, as well as its cover art and track listing. The Party God's first set of new rock songs in over a decade, which focuses strongly on the concept of self-actualization, is due via Sony/RED on 3/2/18.

Pre-orders are now available exclusively at PledgeMusic.

We now hope a new merch selection arrives with velvet, blacklight-friendly versions of the painting.

Track List:
1. "The Power of Partying"
2. "Music Is Worth Living For"
3. "Ever Again"
4. "I Don't Know Anything"
5. "The Feeling of Being Alive"
6. "Party Mindset"
7. "The Party Never Dies"
8. "Give Up On You"
9. "Keep On Going"
10. "In Your Darkest Moments"
11. "The Devil's On Your Side"
12. "Break The Curse"
13. "Total Freedom"
14. "Beyond Oblivion"
15. "Confusion and Clarity"
16. "You're Not Alone"

See below for a video about the making of the album cover, which was painted by famed artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.