HITS Daily Double

Bob Seger returns to the record bins 11/17 with his 18th studio album I Knew You When (Capitol). The label released Seger’s cover of Lou Reed’s “Busload of Faith” today.

Besides the homage to Lou, Seger covers Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy” on the new album and has penned a tribute to the late Glenn Frey, “Glenn Song.” The album, recorded in Nashville and Detroit, is dedicated to Frey.

The standard version of I Knew You When will have 10 songs, the deluxe edition, 13. The new album, his first since 2014’s Ride Out, marks the 49th year Seger and Capitol have been together making him the longest tenured solo artist in the label’s history. The should make him feel like a good number.

For a limited time, the album is part of specially priced premium bundles on the Detroit rocker’s website.