HITS Daily Double

Well, sports fans, the results of the Columbia Records 10th Annual Softball Showdown in Central Park are in, and after a fierce duel that went into extra innings, the Promotion team defeated the Marketing squad. EVP/GM Joel Klaiman presented the trophy to the Promo peeps and MVP Tony Wallace.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, a HITS editor managed to bean himself with his own fastball.

Seen thinking they'd rather be rained out than appear on our foul ball of a website are (l-r) Sean Roberts, Demetrius Lloyd, Steve Richards, Dave Watson, Klaiman, Alex Frank, Gary Sargeant, Kathleen Broderick, Jon Borris, Lee Leipsner, Wallace, Chris Sottile, Matt Stevens, Brady Bedard, Samantha Sachs, Cynthia Johnson, Joe Roselli, Pete Cosenza, Jim Burruss, Jason Pleskow and Samantha Brenner.