HITS Daily Double

The Shane Show, a free-form talk show based on current events and hosted by Shane Powers of Survivor fame, successfully broke the Guinness World Record yesterday for "Longest Marathon Hosting a Radio Talk Show," by clocking nearly three days non-stop on the air.

The marathon radio broadcast kicked off at 12am on Monday 7/10 and wrapped up a whopping 61 hours later at 2:05pm on Wednesday 7/12.

An impressive guest list cheering them on throughout included RHCP’s Anthony Kiedis, Tyler The Creator, manager Chris Clancy, Taco of Odd Future, Robin Thicke, Kevin Connelly, members of the L.A. punk group Black Flag and rapper MURS—who recently set his own Guinness World Record for Longest Marathon Rap in 2016.

And as a further example of how rapidly the new media landscape continues to evolve with Millennial-driven digital audience trends, The Shane Show originated as a program on the Odd Future station via Dash Radio, then expanded to its own channel on the network and recently, into its very own app.