HITS Daily Double

And you thought there wasn’t a music-biz angle to the Trump-Russia scandal? Think again. It turns out that Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting last year in Trump Tower with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya—who promised dirt about Hillary Clinton—was brokered by Rob Goldstone, ex-tabloid journalist and head of PR firm Oui 2 Entertainment, which claims to have had Michael Jackson, Richard Branson and EMI Music Publishing among its clients.

But the Goldstone client most relevant to this story (apart from his involvement in the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow) is Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, a Trump admirer who has claimed to be tight with the Kremlin. Emin is the son of a real estate magnate known as, we shit you not, “The Donald Trump of Russia.” (We’re pretty sure POTUS will want to shut that down, because there’s only one Donald Trump of Russia.) Emin has a deal with Len Blavatnik's Warner Music Group; it should be noted that Blavatnik is not Russian. He is Ukrainian. Try to keep up.

If you wondered what a Russian pop star with such impeccable taste in leaders looks and sounds like, check out this video, which features a cameo from Trump and various Miss Universe contestants. It is not excessively feminist in outlook.

Meanwhile, rumors have surfaced about a possible connection between one of more of the principals in this developing story and one Lyor Cohen.

The White House has underscored that, as with the above video, it prefers to say that the President's role in the whole affair is not so much collusion as "a feature."