HITS Daily Double
HAPPY 4/20

The 20th of April, being 4/20, has now become a national holiday for people who like to enjoy the effects of a legally contested flower. This year, we'll see tons of both commercial activity (get used to the expression "cannabis industry," coming to a LinkedIn discussion group and/or coffeehouse brainstorming sesh near you), political activism (Jeff Sessions, folks seem to agree, is majorly bogus) and just regular old baking. Further information can be found here, if you're not too stoned to read.

Hell, even Postmates is offering a special 420 deal on delivery of munchies. You know, from your "medicine."

We find the devil's weed to be indispensable, today and every day, for navigating life's difficulties, deepening its experiences and withstanding the many quotidian demands that interrupt our naptime. So today we fire up a fatty in a more ceremonial manner than usual, and we salute those of you who join us in spirit. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.